Friday, June 01, 2007

A Sticker Situation

Ryan and Briana's son Dylan loves stickers. In fact, he is obsessed with stickers. He has a big sticker book which he likes to go through every chance he gets. He loves to put them everywhere. Hmmm... I wonder where he got the idea of putting them on his forehead?
Anyway, here he is modeling a mouse sticker(along with assorted necklaces and bracelets).

I went to their house last night for dinner. It wasn't long before the big book of stickers came out and we went to town. We put them all over his face, his neck, his hands. We put them all over his little tractor. But, that wasn't enough.

No. We all had to put one on our foreheads.

This is a sticker book with animals, birds, insects and reptiles. Since I was in charge of getting the stickers out of the book, I chose a lovely one for his mommy.

It was a tadpole.

I don't think I need to tell you what this looks like.

Use your imagination.

After all of this sticker fun, Ryan, Briana and I decided to to rent a movie.
So, Briana and I took off for Blockbuster to rent "Borat", since none of us had ever seen it.
Here is where the fun really began.
Somebody forgot to take the sticker off her forehead.

If I was half the friend I like to believe I am, I would have told her it was still on her head.
But secretly, I was enjoying the fact that she was totally oblivious to how funny she looked with a sperm sticker on her head.
We were halfway to the video store when she brushed her forehead with her hand. That's when realized she still had the sticker on her face.

"How long were you going to let me go with this sperm on my head? Until I got up to the counter to pay for the movie?"

"Well, yeah. That was the plan. Until you ruined it." :)


Blogger dillyweed said...

Nice try, Kathy!
You were so sly, making small-talk in the car, praying I didn't remember or notice that stupid sticker on my head.
Just imagine, me, walking up to the counter, asking the prepubescent teenager about the movie we were planning to rent. Golly jeepers! I would have been mortified if that had actually happened. And you? You would have laughed. ;)
So sorry I ruined that moment for ya.

9:43:00 PM  

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