Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Surge

General Patraeus is going to give America a report this week on how the surge is going in Iraq. I'm sure the General is going to give us an unbiased account of how good a job he is doing.

I, like a lot of left wing nut jobs, find the timing of the release of the Osama Bin Laden tape just a bit too convenient.

How does the Administration get the American people to buy into the idea that the Iraq War is going well? How do they try to get us to just quiet down and give time for the surge to work?

Why...they trot out a video of Osama. Time to pull the fear card again, so the people will be less inclined to question the motives of their own government. If we take the troops out now, Osama will have won! We can't let that happen! The Iraqi people want us there! They want democracy! If we leave now, the enemy will come get us here on our own soil!

This website gives a very interesting argument that the Bin Laden tape is a fake.
And, this video on YouTube gives you an idea on how they "audition" for the roll of Osama.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The New York Times sold ad space to The ad referred to the "revered" general as General Betrayus. They got it right.

8:42:00 AM  

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