Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Everybody's Talking At Me

Being a speech therapist, my job is to try to help people with neurological disorders communicate. Some patients have more difficulty than others. One person might need work on making speech clearer. Another might need help with word retrieval. Another area a speech path might work on is cognition.
Memory, reasoning, problem solving etc.

Patients often say funny things. Whether or not they know it's funny is another thing.
For example, one man I saw recently was trying to tell me he and his wife knew nothing about Las Vegas before they went there to get married.
So he said, "We didn't know anything about it from Madam." I know he meant to say they didn't know anything about it from "Adam", but it just didn't come out quite right.

I was working with another man on word recall. I gave the patient three words and he had to name the object the three words described. So, if I said "time, hands, wristband", the correct response would be "watch".
After giving him this example, we were ready for the first question.
The three words were, "round, juicy, citrus fruit".
His response? "BOOBS!"

Sometimes, the patient catches the therapist saying something that doesn't sound quite right.

I was working with a woman on the following task:
As it is stated, the goal of this task is to write in the names of each person's parents.
Now, the patient was having some difficulty getting started. But, after a few cues, she was able to fill in most of the boxes. But, towards the end she didn't seem to see how to finish the puzzle.
As you can see, we still needed a father's name for Sally.
So, trying to cue her for the correct response I said, "Where do you think Dick goes?"
With one eye brow raised and a devilish smile on her face, she looked over at me and said "Do you really need me to tell you?"


Blogger dillyweed said...

Ryan and I both loved this post. It really had us laughing outloud and commenting how funny you are!
Now I'm wondering who these patients were... :)
p.s. Do you have that picture of my 'brain on drugs' uploaded yet?

9:14:00 PM  
Anonymous Floral Peppercini said...

Even though, you already told me the story at work, I still had a good laugh reading it. I love working in Rehab.

9:36:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss working with you!!

12:19:00 PM  

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