Saturday, September 01, 2007

Go Ask Briana, When She's Ten Feet Tall

The title reference for this post is from Jefferson Airplane's song "White Rabbit". Grace Slick wrote the song after noticing possible drug references in the book "Alice in Wonderland".

You may ask, what does this have to do with anything?

My friend, Briana, ended up in the ER a few weeks ago. You can read her account of the story
Her headache was quite painful. However, this silly girl took a lot of coaxing to take the morphine injection the PA offered her. Sometimes I can't even believe we're friends because we are so different. Who doesn't take painkillers when presented by legitimate medical staff?

Once she took the narcotics, she felt much, much better (go figure).

She also had a CT of her brain done. We found out that by going to Radiology, we could get a disk of the CT scan.
Her husband, Ryan, was quite eager to look at the brain scan images. He caught a glimpse of her brain while she was in the scanner. He was certain her brain was lopsided. Ryan posted about the scan and you can look at his take on the whole thing. He has a PhD in molecular cell biology and works in the field of neurobiology. He gives you a tour of the inner workings that is his wife's brain. Click

Meanwhile, I got to thinking, "When am I ever going to have the opportunity to take a picture of Briana on drugs again?"

So here she is on a dose of morphine.

Yep. She felt good all right.


Blogger dillyweed said...

Yeah, that stuff was nice.
And aren't you glad you had that handy new phone with ya so you could gather that blackmail (uh, I mean nice picture)?

12:05:00 AM  

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