Monday, September 24, 2007

Los Angeles Justice

Los Angeles firefighter Tennie Pierce gets a million and a half dollars as a result of eating spaghetti laced with dog food in a firehouse prank. A man who has taken part in many "jokes" at the expense of other firemen. L.A city is giving him 1.5 million and his full pension to make him go away.

In addition, a deputy fire chief was forced to take a demotion and Fire Chief W. Bamattre resigned over the incident.

In contrast, the L.A Archdiocese settled 45 priest sex abuse cases. This amounted to about 1.3 million for each plaintiff in those cases.

In addition, no priest was put in jail. No priest was held responsible.
And, Cardinal Mahoney, who by all accounts knew children were being abused by priests, did not resign.

No, he did not lose his position within the Catholic Church.

However, he did apologize. After all, isn't the money and an apology enough?

Pierce gets 1.5 million and his pension for, literally, eating two bites of dog food.

Little boys and girls who were knowingly raped and molested by priests for years get 1.3 million.

And absolutely no justice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

society needs to look at its self in the mirror, not just a glance but a good long stare, that it will make itself crack. when our government lies,intimidates, scares, and tells us this is the way, we need to question authority for their motives, we all have choices and voices, when justice does not work for us, we start as a nation becoming selfish and anarchists. we as people should treat law infractions with equal and fair sacntions, and as for those right, neo, and far right wingers stop using the government as the one to solve our human moral dilemas, we are the ones that got ourselves into this mess, we should use are brains to figure it out, one more thing, dont use religon as a front for government purposes there is a thing called "separation of church and state" but it is getting a little to blurry......stop it!!!!!!!!

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