Thursday, April 19, 2007


Jen and I made it to Atlanta yesterday without any major problems. We landed early in the afternoon so we had time to head over to The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.

It was a very exciting journey on the Metro (yes, Jen is the queen of Metro trains). We had to walk about 6 blocks from the train station to the memorial.

The MLK Jr. Memorial includes a few museums, his birth home, the first integrated firehouse, The Ebenezer Baptist Church where he and his father preached and, of course, his tomb.

As we going back to the train station, we met a man named Ben. He told us if we were to head back the way we had come. "You'd be walking through the worst housing projects in Atlanta. And, while you're at it, you ladies had better put away your cameras."

Ben then began giving us his own walking tour through the streets of Atlanta.

Sure, he smelled like alcohol and spoke with a slight slur.
Sure, I was a bit apprehensive. And, I got more nervous when he told us he used to be "murderer for the military." But, that was "a long time ago during Vietnam." Now, he wants to be an x-ray tech.

I am ashamed at myself for my fears.

Ben turned out to be a very nice man and got us safely back to the train station. And during Ben's tour, we got to see parts of Atlanta we would have never seen on our own. We got to see "The Peacock" where Gladys Knight and The Pips used to play many years ago.

How great is that?


Blogger dillyweed said...

So glad you got to see Ben's special, private tour of Atlanta. So an xray tech? I've met a few classy ones in my day at the hospital. One in particular, actually.

Take lots of pictures tomorrow of North Carolina for us. I'm excited to see pictures of the trees, mountains (ok, so there aren't any mountains are there?), typical neighborhood streets, etc.

We missed you tonight for Love Thursday. It isn't the same without our Kathers here...

8:13:00 PM  
Anonymous floral peppercini said...

What an exciting adventure! I am so envious of you right now. I'm assuming you haven't killed Jen yet, but if you did....Details!! Have fun, and yes, take lots of pics!

9:36:00 PM  

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