Thursday, May 21, 2009

All I Know, I Learned From Daytime TV

Days have been kind of long here for Godfreysmama.
I had chemo (one more left!) last week. I had a cold at the same time.
Just when I thought I was over the cold, I seemed to have a relapse.

So, I have not really been out of the house since Sunday.

That means a lot of TV watching.

You people who have to go to work everyday don't know what you are missing.
Here are the highlights of daytime television today:

9:00- Susan Sarandon was on with Regis and Kelly. She is opening a ping pong/bar in NYC. She says it's better for your brain than crossword puzzles.
Ping Pong and mojitos?
I think she's onto something there.

10:00- The View was quite a bit more sedate than yesterday when Whoopi and Barbara went after Glenn Beck's throat.
Quote of the day from Elizabeth: "We need to trust our president, listen to him and hope his methods will keep us safe."
I think she's up to something.

Larry King was also at the table today. Larry King is one of the creepiest old men on television. It was bad enough he said he couldn't take Viagra because of his heart condition, but did he really need to tell us he didn't need it??

11:00- I watch The Doctors for
this reason.
But, they always have some interesting medical information.
Today I found out that people who have sisters are more balanced, optimistic and ambitious.
And, to my sisters I're welcome.

12 Noon- Thank goodness for the DVR. The Bonnie Hunt Show had this
little clip.

Meanwhile over on All My Children, everyone in Pine Valley is a suspect in the murder of Stuart who was inadvertently killed because he was mistaken for his twin brother Adam.
I think Erica did it.
She wants another Emmy.

1:00- On The People's Court, a 19 year old got a scolding for addressing Judge Milian as "Miss" instead on "Judge". Boy, was she mad.

2:00- Did you know pineapple upside cake was first popularized in the 1930's and was called skillet cake?
I didn't either.
Martha told me.


What am I going to do when I have to go back to worK??


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You seriously need to get back to work before your brain turns to mush!!!! Hope you're feeling better.


8:38:00 PM  

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