Thursday, May 21, 2009

In The Buff

As you know, hair loss is common when having chemotherapy.

The hospital has an appearance center which helps people prepare for the changes that are going to happen.

I have to admit, some of the changes are not too bad. Hair loss on the arms, legs, underarms is pretty nice. No shaving!

But, some hair loss is disconcerting. Like losing my eyelashes and eyebrows bothers me more than losing the hair on my head.

I went to meet the specialist, Yo, before I had my first tx.
My sister, Cheryl, Briana and Susan came with me. We needed to pick out a wig, AKA "alternative hair".

After my first or second round of chemo, my hair started coming out in large clumps.
I went back to see Yo and just went ahead and shaved my head. It was easier to have it go all at once than to lose it strands at a time. Besides, I was tired up sweeping up hair everyday. Tired of having people picking off stray hair from my shirts.

I got the wig, but don't really care too much for it. It's quite itchy. I also have frequent hot flashes and having that hair on makes my head sweat a lot.

I have taken to wearing a buff usually topped by a hat.

Dylan was quite curious about my suddenly wearing hats and buffs. When I take off the hat and the buff he says I look like an old man.
He is right. I have bald spots on my head, but I also have some fuzzy white/gray hair.
They say there is a chance my hair will grow back a different color or may have a different texture.

Until then, I will stick to buffs and hats. Maybe a scarf or two.

Dylan and Addie got in on the buff action.


Blogger dillyweed said...

I think the second to last one is pretty funny. Addie looks like a fat Russian lady with her full cheeks. ;)
Post them on Snapfish. I want to order them! xoxo

10:24:00 PM  

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