Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Overheard in the Therapy Room

Therapist: "I want you to name some things for me. Name a material used to build houses."

Patient: "Wood."

Therapist: "OK. That's right. Name an animal that gives off a bad odor."

Patient:"A skunk."

Therapist: "Great. Now, name a salad made with shredded raw cabbage,"

Patient: "Awful."

I prefer potato salad, so clearly, he's right.

In a session later in the day:

Therapist: "I'm going to give you three words and I'd like you to tell me what I am describing. For example, if I say 'leader, white house, election', you would say 'president', OK?"

Patient: "OK."

Therapist: "Here's the first one. 'woman, rule, throne'."

Patient: "A woman's toilet."


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