Sunday, February 17, 2008

Obama 2008

I have a friend who always says, "I just don't know what Obama stands for."
Here is some of what he is saying.

Energy and the Environment:

-Plan to reduce carbon emission 80% by 2050. This will be acheived by implementing a market based cap and trade system to reduce carbon emissions. All pollution credits will be auctioned. A 100% auction ensures all polluters pay for every ton of emissions they release rather than giving these emission rights away to coal and oil companies.

- Develop incentives that reward forest owners, farmers and ranchers for planting tress, restoring grasslands or undertaking farming practices that capture carbon dioxide from the air.

- Invest $150 Billion over 10 years in clean energy. How? By advancing biofuels, accelerating the commericialization of plug in hybrids, invest in low emission coal plants and transitioning a new digital electrical grid.

-Double energy research and development funding.

- Obama's energy independence and climate change plans will invest in America's highly skilled manufacturing workforce and manufacturing centers to ensure American workers will lead the way in pioneering green technologies.


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