Friday, December 14, 2007

Irene & Roxana

My Grandma and my sister were both born in December.
My Grandma's birthday was on December 12 and Roxana's is today.
I have no idea how old Roxie is. She keeps it a guarded secret. This old photo shows how much she likes to talk about her age.
I suppose if I looked into it hard enough, I could probably find out how old she is today. But, then she'd have to kill me.
Anyway, I wish her a Happy 35th birthday. ;)

This is one of my favorite pictures of my Grandma.
I miss her so much.
Especially during this time of the year


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy, Somehow both you and Cheryl have become older than me. I will forever be over 35. Thanks for the birthday wish and present.
Love, your eccentric younger sister.

4:18:00 PM  

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