Monday, October 12, 2009

No if's and's or buffs

I went to Susan and Mike's on Sunday night. They had invited me and Briana's family over for pizza and ice cream.

I decided to go without my hats or buffs.

So, I put in some hair gel and spiked it up a bit and went over for the official unveiling.

If it looked really bad I would hope they would have said something. But, I thought it was a safe place to see how people react to it.

They only had kind things to say.

So, with that under my belt, I went to work with just my hair today.

No hat. No scarf. No buffs. OK, I did have pants and a blouse on too.

I felt kind of naked without those cover-ups since I have been wearing them since early spring.

And, no hair color.

I have decided to let the grey stay. least for now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You looked great. :-)


8:10:00 AM  

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