Monday, September 21, 2009

Camera Phone Pictures Part 8

Camera phone pictures in no particular order:

Dylan, Addison and Nolan at the mall.

Dylan practicing TKD.

Addie and her pink elephant

Addie and Dillie looking for....bugs!

Dr Hegde, Jane and Hanako looking for....FIM scores.

Addie and her two pigtails.

Who is that behind those foster grants??

Gian resting in between eating and flirting with the waitress at Gus's.

Brother/sister time.

Grandpa and grandson time.

On the road in Oregon.

Such a happy girl!

At the cafeteria at work.

The pink balloon.

Briana drinking my Diet Pepsi.

Addie by the lake.

Dylan wearing his green hat in the paddle boat.

After the blood donation.

Like Mother...

Like Daughter..


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