Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cell Phone Photos

I make Briana and Ryan send me pictures of the kids to my cell phone.
Well, I don't make them.
I just strongly suggest it.

But, what to do with cell phone photos? I can't just look at them and then hit delete. I try. But, I can't.
So, I thought I would give them a real home and post them.

Love, love, love the kitty pajamas!

Before you know it, she'll be able to stand up in the library all by herself.

A few pictures from Disneyland.
What's that outfit she's got on there?
Looks vaguely familiar.

Remember when Disneyland was this much fun???

Don't you just want to pinch those chubby cheeks??

Looks a lot like his daddy here. One cool dude.

Addie doing her oral motor exercises.
Good girl!

A picture from Christmas at her Grandma and Grandpa's house.

All smiles!

I have no idea what this is.

But, I'm, pretty sure it's good blackmail material.


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