Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lock Out

I managed to lock myself out of my apartment today.

Yes. I'm an idiot.

I have done this before. It's sorta easy to do when I do my laundry.
Today, I decided to clean out my kitchen garbage pail. So, I took it out to the laundry room to give it a good scrubbing in the old sink that's out there.
Forgot to unlock the door on the way out.

I live in a small building. There is no building manager to call upon to let me into the apt.
Usually I knock on my neighbor's door and ask if I can use the phone to call my "extra key people".

Because it's Thanksgiving, neither my neighbor nor my key people were around to help me out.

I did have 75 cents in my pocket, so I walked down the street to see if I could find a pay phone.

I found a pay phone not too far from my place. But, it was out of order.

What am I thankful for this Thanksgiving??

That Big Lots was open on Thanksgiving.
That they let me borrow the phone.
And, that "Good Lock and Key" was so fast I was back in my apartment within 20 mins.


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