Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Mr. Palin's UnAmerican Association

So, Gov Palin was here in California this past weekend.

She was insinuating that Sen. Obama is not patriotic.

She's quoted as saying Obama has been "palling around with terrorists". She is referring William Ayers. Obama was a child when Ayers was involved in bombing government buildings around the time of the Vietnam War.

Obama apparently was on a charity board with him and Ayers held a fundraiser at his home for Obama early in his career.

This qualifies as "palling around."

Which is quite interesting actually.

Mr. Palin was a member of the Alaskan Independence Party for 7 years. An organization that wants to secede from the United States.

The founder of this Party, Joe Vogler, is quoted as saying, "I'm an Alaskan, not American. I've got no use for America or her damned institutions."

Very patriotic indeed.


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