Sunday, June 08, 2008

Natural History Museum and 4000 Kids

Briana, Dylan and I went to the LA County Natural History Museum last Friday.
Because the museum has a Discovery Center with an insect zoo.
And, Dylan loves bugs.
All kinds of bugs.

But, the main attraction for us was the butterfly exhibit

And while Briana was busy fooling around with her camera and threatening to take the best picture....

I think I got the best shot of the day!

But, there was still a lot to see.
So, after all the butterfly chasing and insect gawking, we headed to see the African Animal Exhibit.

We thought Dylan would be confused by all the stuffed animals.
The only big animals he's ever seen were at the zoo.
And, they were all alive.

He did ask me, at one point, why the Hippos weren't making any sounds.
My answer?
"I think, they're just very tired today."

We asked him at the end of the visit what he liked the best.

"The animals!", he declared.

Sometimes it's hard to figure that boy out. ;)

Here's a video of Dylan chasing a small butterfly.

Even though there were a lot of school aged kids in the museum, we were still having a nice day.

Then, it happened.
The bathroom incident.
One thing I have learned is that when a pregnant woman has to use the bathroom, it's best to let her have the stall.

Otherwise, it might get ugly.


Anonymous floral peppercini said...

NEVER, EVER, EVER get in the way of a pregnant women who has to pee!!! That's right....we are peeing for two!

9:31:00 AM  

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