Monday, May 19, 2008

Can You Say "Salsa"?

Fred graciously loaned some of his land to grow tomatoes for me. These are the 12 plants I bought for the project. Six better boys (or were they early girls?) and six celebrity tomato plants.
This is the plot of ground that he cleared for my plants. I live in an apt. So, every year, I have to beg and plead with someone to grow tomatoes for me. I never expected someone to give up this much land for my homegrown tomato addiction.

So, I had to twist his arm a bit.
I may have even had to blackmail him a little. What's the harm in that?
A small price to pay for me to keep his secrets from being posted on my blog.

Aren't they looking healthy?
Getting taller and taller. It's that inland empire soil (or the miracle grow) that keeps 'em happy.

And, look at this......
One of the plants is already bearing fruit!
You have no idea how happy this makes me.
Briana and I were just discussing yesterday all of the ways we are going to use these little red jewels. She likes to refer to them as "our" tomatoes.
Since she shared her Lompoc strawberries with me, I will share my early girls (or was it better boys?) with her.

With 12 plants, there should be enough to go around!
Thanks to Farmer Fred for all his hard work!


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