Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ugly Man

He's an ugly man
He always was an ugly man
He grew up to be like his father
An ugly man
And he'll tell you lies
He'll look at you and tell you lies
He grew up to be like his father
Ugly inside
Hey - ugly man
What's the plan?
If people knew
What would they do
To the ugly man?
Having fun?
But will we be here
When you're done With me....?
Now it's finally going to come
Everywhere that you're not looking
And we'll take it back
Now we take the country back
Everywhere that you're not looking
Ugly man
Ugly man
Ugly man

"Ugly Man" Lyrics and Music by Rickie Lee Jones from "The Evening of my Best Day".

RLJ is my favorite singer/songwriter. Go here and take a listen to her latest, "
Falling up".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOVED!!!! the Ugly Man link to family values....think that might have been your best yet.

8:54:00 AM  

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