Saturday, February 17, 2007

First Entry

I decided to finally start using this blog account. I signed up on Blogger so I could post on a friend's blog. You can't make comments on another blog unless you sign up. And, I wanted to post my witty comments and observations on their blog ( I am so sure they are happy I did. ;) That is how this blog came to be.

I got a "write it down" book for Christmas. A diary of sorts. A very thoughtful gift from a friend who felt I could use it to write some of my feelings down. A way of working through some issues.
I have to say it has been helpful. I use it to record private thoughts, hurts, hopes etc. I will continue to use it. It's been good therapy for me.

But, my blog has sat here. Empty. But, that is going to change.

I don't plan to use this space in the same way as my "write it down" book. That would be a bit too personal for the internet. No one should be subjected to that anyway.

No.. I am going to use this blog as a way to vent. A way to rant. A way to blow off steam. I might gripe about politics. T.V. Music. Religion. Family. Friends. Traffic. Frozen dinners. Well, maybe not frozen dinners. That might be boring. The point is, I am going to vent it all here.

Very few will take the time to find it and read it. But, I will know it's here.
And if it doesn't work out.
Well, I still have my "write it down" book.


Blogger dillyweed said...

Great maiden posts you have here. And by the way, you are a pretty good writer, my dear. Keep posting. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts (and leaving a few comments of my own - you know THOSE will be coming!)

9:26:00 PM  

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